tina-aboutIt’s totally time for Uptown Studios to sprout new wings and fly to some new digs…But not for about 4-6 months…

Our small crew has grown to 13 people and our building has not grown at all – currently at 968 square feet. We will be renovating a brand new space at 2415 23rd Street that has a whopping 4000 square feet.

The renovation will begin with new plans that will convert the warehouse space into some cool, open-space work, rolling work stations, standing desks, and even a treadmill desk. Of course we will have the ping pong table and looking for a few great games to add to our collection.

This will be our legacy building and all of us are so excited at Uptown Studios to make the move to the Big Boys studio. With 4000 feet, just imagine the parties we can have – uh, how much work we can produce.

Since 1992, Uptown Studios has been on a steady climb into the world of high end professional design and marketing. The most amazing thing is how much we all love the work we do, the deadlines are addictive and run through our bones, and add that happy client – pure delight.

The building will be MOST amazing when we are completed, and expect to hear about the pre-party – we definitely want to do the before and after events.

As always, when you need something creative and really great – call us, we will produce something that blows you away. 916-446-1082 or email tina@uptownstudios.net

In the meantime, go by our new studios to be – 2415 23rd Street and take a peek at the Before.

Tina Opening Door To Brand New Building Wearing Orange Shirt And Green Shorts Opening Front Door

Tina Reynolds
By Tina Reynolds
Tina Reynolds is president of Uptown Studios, Inc. and has been running her own design firm since 1976. She is the community face of Uptown Studios and her blog entries are directed to business owners ready to make their materials, Easy, Fun and Popular.