kristen stauss print production managerAs you know, Uptown Studios has many amazing designers available to Sacramento and now as your Underground Print Commander, I will work to bring your print production projects full-circle. There are so many options available in printing substrates. I wanted to share three strong options with you.

A standard print production option is a 16 pt gloss cover. Quick and easy, this option is the go to paper stock for full color, double sided business cards and will show off all of your true colors. With a strong sturdy feel and high shine to put up with lots of movement and handling. One thing to consider is this stock does not take well to ink pens so you might want to consider different types of ink for this stock.

Another choice would be 100# Uncoated. This paper is best suited for small logos and text, in off-set formats larger logos and solids work well. All colors look great and in digital and offset formats. It is a firm card stock that holds up well to handling, wallets and folios. A good example of this paper is Accent Opaque uncoated cover. Is easily written on with all pen or pencil types.

One of the highly specialized paper stocks we work with is 130# Classic Columns Duplex Cover. This stock comes in a variety of colors and has striated texture for added interest. Classic Columns Duplex works well in one to three color, off-set printing options. This option works best with single sided cards. This selection of stock can be easily written on with all writing implements, although on the darker back side color most inks will not show up.

Bring your next idea to life on paper with Uptown Studios and contact us today for a free quote!

Kristen Stauss
By Kristen Stauss