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At Uptown Studios, we put the “social” part of Social Media front and center. Social Media gives you the opportunity to build new relationships with people who want to know you, and you want to know. Utilizing social media is like handing out a digital business card, helping audiences and potential clients and customers learn about you. Uptown Studios LOVES to be social and we know how to use social media to get your business the attention you deserve.

Imagine having your own dedicated social media team. We are here to learn about your company and then create, implement and maintain your social media campaigns. We write content, post photos, articles and videos for all the hottest social media channels, providing experienced recommendations to help impact your return on investment. If you are ready to get buzzing on social media, it’s time to contact the social media experts at Uptown Studios.

Social Media Strategy

We have the experience and know-how to create and execute a results-driven social media
strategy. We work with you to evaluate opportunities and create the most targeted and effective campaign strategy possible. Our goal is to position your company as a leader in your field.

Social Media Training

Uptown Studios offers social media training on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and others to help your team be effective in managing your company’s social sites. We help your team understand the current social media trends and landscape so you get the big picture of how today’s social media can work for you. We are ready to provide social media training to your Board of Directors to help get them involved in the fun too or trainings at your next meeting or workshop.

Life Looks Good On YouA Social Media Case Study

The Life Looks Good on You campaign was a multi-piece project Uptown Studios was pleased to partner with the Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks on. The purpose of this campaign was to engage with and encourage young adults, ages 15-25, to wear life vests when swimming and hanging out at the American River. Every summer, deaths that could be prevented occur. To prevent these drownings, river goers only need to wear life jackets, but the life jackets face stigmas of being uncool, and river goers are often confident in their abilities to swim in the river, despite warnings about unpredictable currents.

Life Looks Good On You Billboard graphic we made featuring members of the Sac Republic Soccer Team Holding Team Scarf Wearing Lifejackets

Our challenge: how to reach young adults and encourage them to wear a life jacket. A piece of our solution? An engaging social media campaign that includes fun prizes for participants sharing photos of themselves in life jackets to help discourage the stigma that life jackets are uncool.

Working closely with the Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks, we developed the hashtags #SacRivers and #LifeLooksGoodonYou to make it easy for social media followers to share photos. In partnership with CBS Radio and the Sacto Mofo Food Truck Festival, we gathered tickets to give away as contest prizes and messaging to get followers engaged. The outreach resulted in interest being picked up by the City of Sacramento who shared photos of the City Manager, John Shirey, the Assistant City Manager, Howard Chan and Mayor Kevin Johnson in life jackets helped to also pick up interest from local media.

The campaign used the shared photos, videos, and graphic designs developed by Uptown Studios to communicate the important message.

Overall, the campaign was successful in kicking off the summer season, and continued posts and promotion from the Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks and other partners continues to engage summer river visitors.

an image of the Life Looks Good On You Billboard graphic we made featuring members of the Sac State women's rowing team
an image of the Life Looks Good On You Billboard graphic we made featuring members of the Sac State women's rowing team