Taking Care of Business in the COVID-19 Bubble

Uptown Studios has temporarily changed into an entirely remote operation. This is the best decision not only to protect the health of our team members but also to protect the health of our community.

As a marketing resource for our clients and the community, we decided to compile our best COVID-19 marketing practices all in one place so you can easily make these changes and stay top-of-mind with your clients and community!

Google My Business

“Google My Business” is a free Business Profile that lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps. Your profile includes business information like hours, physical address and website. Similar to other social platforms, you have the ability to create posts and engage with other profiles.

During Northern California’s COVID-19 quarantine Google has recommended business owners update following “Google My Business” information:

  • New hours of business
  • Brief description of how COVID-19 is affecting your business
  • Extra precautions your business is taking
  • Publish a post
  • Update your contact information.

If this is something you need help with, the Uptown Studios team would be happy to assist you through the contact form below.

Downloadable Resources

If your team must continue to be present at work, we have also created some easy-to-read infographics all about handwashing and proper hygiene that you can print and post around your workspace.

If you and your team are working remotely you’re going to have to post a sign on your doors that let your customers know what’s going on. To make this process even easier, the Uptown Studios Design Team has created a few handy templates that allow you to plug-in some information and your logo so you can easily print, post, and go home.

Red Quarantine Closed Sign Available For Business To Use
Download PDF Now

Our COVID-19 Social Media Response

It is no secret that lots of people all around the world are online right now. So the Uptown Studios Marketing Team has decided to shift our content approach to supply helpful how-tos and other insights that might allow your business to be productive during this unpredictable downtime. Now is a great time to jump into your social channels and post about different things that you are doing to help your community. Let them know you are still around and involved but remotely. Encourage your clients, customers, neighbors, and friends to shelter-in-place and show different things that you are doing to stay involved. Below are some places you can stay up-to-date with Uptown Studios and this might give you some ideas of what to do on your own:

Uptown Studios is here to help

A great way to let your clients know that you are still around and working (if you are) is to set up a header graphic on the homepage of your website. We can help you set that up.

As well as a header graphic it is a great idea to set up a landing page that describes how you and your team are working, what changes you have made and how you are still available to provide what you can to your clients. If you get stuck we are here to jump in and help.

Uptown Studios is still working if you have a contract with us

If Uptown Studios hosts and/or maintains your website, your services will still continue uninterrupted. Continue to submit any change requests or if you encounter any issues, please contact changes@uptownstudios.net we will jump on the request right away.

Our team working with social media is still churning out great posts for you

If Uptown Studios manages any of your social media channels or Google Ads/Google Grants, your services will still continue uninterrupted. For any questions regarding your Google Ads/Google Grants, you can contact Brennan Grout at brennan@uptownstudios.net. For any social media questions, please contact Mia Lopez at mia@uptownstudios.net.

Our video team is still working but…

Until further notice, all on-set video projects have been postponed. Our video team is still here to create awesome videos using still photos and animation. So, if you have some messages you want to push out, count on us to find an interesting way to help you create new videos. Email Ryan@uptownstudios.net to learn more.

Uptown Studios hours

We are maintaining our regular work hours from 9-5 pm Monday through Friday, but we are all working remotely. We have one team member who will be present to receive any mail, phone calls, and make any deliveries to your office.

Our meeting schedule is the same but on video chat

If you had a meeting scheduled with any team member, they will reach out to you and convert the meeting to a Zoom or Google Hangouts meeting.

Kara Smiling While Working From Home During COVID-19 Quarantine With Pink Will In Background
Mia Smiling Working From Home During COVID-19 Quarantine With White Drapes In Background
Lizzie Smiling Working From Home During COVID-19 Quarantine With Gray Walls And Blue Couch In Background

Stay connected with your team at Uptown Studios

We are all here and working, only from our homes. Each of our emails is still being responded to daily. If you want a call or video chat please send us an email and we will set it up for a deeper discussion on your project. info@uptownstudios.net

Follow our social media channels we will be posting notifications, things to do, and tips and tricks to keep your business out there and noticeable to your clients via social media.

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