This week the Uptown Studios crew attended the 27th Annual SPRA CAPPIE Awards Gala. The team didn’t just attend for an excuse to wear bow ties and shiny shoes; Uptown Studios was nominated for THREE awards for the work we done for the City of Sacramento Recycling and Solid Waste Division.


After a night of dinner, drinks and glamour, Uptown Studios left with two awards! Awarded one Silver and one Bronze for the work done for a marketing campaign. Tina Reynolds and the crew were pleased with the outcome.

“It was a fabulous night with fabulous people,” Reynolds said. “We are so honored to have won for the work we did for our wonderful client the City of Sacramento Recycling and Solid Waste Division.”

Send the winners at Uptown Studios an email today for help with your next marketing campaign!

Uptown Studios
By Uptown Studios