We have grown with the trends at Uptown Studios and added video production in 2007 as one of our in-house services to our clients. At that point our video production team was creating educational long-form videos, ad spots for local broadcast television or compelling videos for social media promotion.

What we know:

We know that an online video will be watched if it is no longer than 30 seconds – unless it is a cat video. So what does that tell you? The viewer now has an attention span of 8 seconds online unless it is something that is captivating, then you may have them for a longer session.

How dow we capture the attention?

We create compelling short training videos about our services that we can use as online posts. Short and sweet and a little bit fun with the occasional cat or dog to get you to watch longer.

Why does this work?

We know from our social media partners that video is the number one item that people will view online. Do you have any videos that you post to your Facebook or Twitter accounts?

hand holding phone with share videoThere are many types of custom videos you can create and share on social media channels including: animated clips, gifs, behind-the-scenes, interviews, testimonials and training videos just to name a few.  The first step is to look at what your goal for the videos are. Do you want to build brand awareness, generate leads, promote your company culture or establish your organization as a thought leader?

It’s important that the first six seconds is engaging and that if the sound is off, they understand what’s going on. Use the captioning feature on your social media channels or add them to your video directly.

We are here to help you create a series of short compelling videos for your website or social media channels. Uptown Studios will come to your space and work with your team on scripts, shots and shoot and edit the actual footage. The idea is we give you 10 videos in the can ( but we don’t put video in a “can” any more) that are ready for you to use to promote what you do.

You can see some of our creative work on the Uptown Studios Vimeo channel

Kate Moore
By Kate Moore
I love Sacramento and the team at Uptown Studios. I will often write about video production, marketing, social media and the great community we live in.