In recent years, video has become an increasingly popular form of marketing, especially on social media. The biggest benefit of video marketing is that you are able to convey large amounts of information in a short amount of time. This is extremely important for younger generations with shorter attention spans when it comes to social media.

Having a video to promote your brand can easily catch the attention of users and allow them to learn more about your business and the products and services you have to offer. There are many benefits to video marketing, here are some of them:

Video Marketing Benefits:

  1. Grow revenue
  2. Influence buying decisions
  3. Increase traffic
  4. Rank higher in search results
  5. Build trust and credibility
  6. Encourages social shares
  7. Boost conversion rates

At Uptown Studios, our video team specializes in crafting beautiful, unique and compelling visual communications that set you apart from your competition. Our job as a team is to craft clear and concise visual communication solutions to help clients tell a story, introduce a product or service, educate audiences on an issue, ask for action or provide inspiration.

Our high-quality videos can include text, images, and animation that engages viewers in an effective and entertaining way. We can create short social media videos, or full-scale high-quality videos.

For larger production needs, we can provide a full field crew that provides the following:

  • Animations
  • Custom graphics drone and pilot
  • Permits
  • Actors and models
  • Script and storyboard development
  • Location/field producers
  • Director of photography
  • Art director
  • Grips/production assistants
  • Gaffer
  • Full grip services
  • Lighting
  • Multilingual voice talent
  • Audio engineering
  • Audio booth
  • Voiceovers
  • Craft services
  • Make-up and moulage services
  • Location scouting
  • Teleprompter 

We asked our video team what the “top three things” necessary to create a high quality video are and here is what they said: 

  1. Be ruthless in the final edit – get rid of everything that does not serve the story. 
  2. Create and/or follow a consistent color palette, typographic style and design language throughout the video and any subsequent videos on the same subject matter – think BRANDING.
  3. Find a tone that resonates with the intended audience and deliver it with confidence (If humor or a little wild weirdness might grab their attention, go for it!) And don’t forget the music!

When you are ready to create a video to promote your business, check out our website to get a quote or send an email to for more information on how we can help you create the video of your dreams! 

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