The world of social media and what to expect for 2023.

We all know social media is perpetually changing, which can make it hard to keep up with the trends. There are constantly new platforms being introduced, new trends being created and frequent changes to the algorithms.

At Uptown Studios, we put the “social” part of social media front and center. Even with all the twists and turns, social media gives you the opportunity to build new relationships with people you want to know and who want to know you. As we enter 2023, there are a few things related to social media that businesses need to be aware of.

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Trends to Expect for 2023


Short-form videos helped increase engagement and reach on most social media platforms this past year. HubSpot even predicts that short-form videos will see the most growth in 2023. According to its data, this marketing format is the most effective and has the highest ROI.

Try to create shorter videos on your social media platforms to reach new users. This can include animations, photo compilations, or even high-quality videos that are between 7 to 30 seconds depending on the platform. Some of the easiest animations are motion graphics, where you transform static designs into moving pictures. GIFs are one of the most popular forms of motion graphics.


Hootsuite claims that TikTok will become the number one social media network.

We know TikTok can feel like a foreign country run by young people, however, it offers vast opportunities for growth. The app acts as a place for creative freedom for users to have a little bit more fun than other social media platforms. Try something new and different that highlights your brand’s personality. Incorporate trendy dances, fun skits, or popular sounds to get more views and interactions. It is fun to get lost in viewing TikTok videos, watch recipes being made, learn new skills in a short time period, and just be entertained. Find the fun in your business and promote that you are a great place to work and you have a good time doing it.

Other Trends To Look Out For In 2023:

  • User Generated Content Creators Expand
  • YouTube Shorts Become More Popular
  • AI Goes Viral
  • LinkedIn Creators Become More Common


A social media algorithm is a set of rules and signals that automatically ranks content on a social media platform based on how likely each individual social media user is to like it and interact with it.

Tips to Navigate the Algorithm

  • Post relevant, high-quality content
    • This looks different for each platform, so know what the platform is looking for and try your best to create that type of content
  • Deliver what you promise
    • Avoid clickbait
    • Make headlines, captions and hashtags accurate and clear
  • Understand the trends
    • Trending topics, songs and ideas keep people scrolling on these platforms, so they will serve up more of that content
    • Utilize Google as a tool for this to help understand what is trending online
  • Know the best times to post
    • It’s key to know when your audience is online and when they are most likely to engage with your post
    • This information can be found online, or some posting tools, like Sprout Social or Hootsuite will have additional tools that will help you determine the most optimal times to post
  • Encourage Interaction
    • An easy way to increase engagement is by asking for it
    • Try asking questions in your captions like, “Have you tried our new product line? If so, which one is your favorite?”
    • Incorporate competitions or giveaways where they have to like, comment, or share in order to enter to win
  • Experiment
    • Try new things! Don’t be afraid to post something that seems out of the box or unusual, it might take off.
    • Take mental notes of what your competition is doing. What’s working? What’s not working? Keep these in mind when you try new things.
  • Post more videos
    • Nowadays, platforms are really encouraging people to post more videos. This can be as simple as putting together multiple images with a song, or taking simple videos and putting text overlay on them. It doesn’t need to be a full-on production quality video.

If social media seems like a daunting task, reach out to Uptown Studios – your own dedicated social media team. Uptown Studios is here to learn about your company then create, implement and maintain your social media campaigns. We write content, and post photos, articles and videos for all the hottest social media channels, providing experienced recommendations to help impact your return on investment. If you are ready to get buzzing on social media, it’s time to contact the social media experts at Uptown Studios. Visit our website to learn more or get a quote so we can help.

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