Part of our normal web maintenance is to review our client’s websites for the adherence to some basic design and functionality principles. Take a look at your site and see how you are doing…

1. Site load‐time is reasonable – you will need to empty your cache and reload your site to see how long it takes to load
2. Adequate text‐to‐background contrast – this is a minimum ADA requirement
See ADA toolkit
3. Font size/spacing is easy to read – minimum ADA requirement
4. Flash and add‐ons are used sparingly – Flash cannot be read by iPhone or iPads
5. Images have appropriate ALT tags – tagged for visually impaired visitors
6. Company logo is prominently placed and can be clicked to go home
7. Tagline makes company’s purpose clear
8. Home‐page is digestible in 5 seconds
9. Clear path to company information
10. Clear path to contact information or purchase link
11. Main navigation is easily identifiable
12. Navigation labels are clear and concise
13. Number of buttons/links is reasonable
14. Company logo is linked to home‐page
15. Links are consistent and easy to identify – use the same color for all links
16. Site search is easy to access
17. Major headings are clear, relevant and descriptive
18. Critical content is above the fold – so you can see the main items without scrolling
19. Styles and colors are consistent with your brand
20. Emphasis (bold, etc.) is used sparingly
21. Ads and pop‐ups are unobtrusive
22. Main copy is concise, relevant and explanatory
23. URLs are meaningful and user‐friendly
24. HTML page titles are explanatory
25. There is a site map on your site

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