The internet is like a jungle. It’s a fascinating, living ecosystem that never stops growing and creates new lifeforms everyday through website design.

Until this point, my background was mostly print design which is a similar environment but it lives by its own different rules. That’s why I’m looking at many of these web lifeforms with fresh eyes and an open mind.

I cannot express how excited I am that I will get to explore the opportunities of designing for web and all its interactivity with the Uptown Studios crew of tireless explorers. Their passion and dedication for what they do and why they do it creates an inspiring environment that fosters growth and innovation.

It’s the beginning of a new year and a good time for exploration for everyone (actually anytime is good for that but January gives you a great excuse). So go out there and explore a jungle of your choice. Explore your passions. Explore relationships. Explore dreams and possibilities. And don’t forget to send us a quick note and let us know how that’s going.

Take a look at some of the websites the Uptown Studios crew has created to get some ideas for your next update: Uptown Studios Web Design







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