Creating change is never easy. When looking to introduce new ideas or strategies to your team, it is important to not rush into it, or implement from the top down. Here at Uptown Studios, we practice and recommend the Human-Centered, also known as “Design Thinking,” method for creating change. Design Thinking starts by identifying the overarching challenge and then pushing people to think outside the box for creative solutions. Here is a quick guide that will help you whether you are looking to change the way your team communicates or create solutions for issues on a global scale:
1. Start by identifying your challenge statement. Dig deep and find out what is the real issue
at hand.
2. Get creative. Hold focus groups, interviews, brainstorming sessions or even skits. The goal is to think big and outside the box. The more people you can involve the better as it will help everyone involved build off of each other’s ideas.
3. Create prototypes. Encourage everyone on this journey with you to build prototypes of possible solutions. Let yourself get crazy and create out of this world products.
4. Find a solution. Take a look at all the information you’ve gathered and the great solutions that have been created. Begin to look at costs and resources and start to narrow down what your solution will be.
5. Gain buy in. It is important that you include as many people and stakeholders throughout the process. Not only is their input invaluable but they will grow to have a sense of ownership and pride over the end result.
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By Uptown Studios