Uptown Studios is greener than your Christmas tree this holiday season, and here are some ways that you can be too!

Holiday Cards

Send a holiday e-card this season. You can still dress your family and pets up in those adorable matching sweaters, but send your picture and message electronically to friends and family! There are plenty of free services out there, like Egreetings, where you can upload your own pictures and messages for a dazzling holiday e-card. Or, if you’re feeling extra adventurous this season, check out Jib Jab’s holiday section for some ridiculous holiday card options.

Holiday Parties

Is your annual ugly sweater party approaching? No need to send out a formal invite in the mail anymore. Put those social media skills we’ve been equipping you with to use and set up a Facebook event page for your party. With an event page you can invite who you want, easily keep track of who is coming and keep people updated if you need to change any event details before the big day arrives.

Family Newsletters

You may be getting ready to receive those annual family newsletters from your sister in New York, uncle down in Texas or cousins up in Canada. Before your mailbox becomes stuffed with wasteful paper, suggest a family blog that each family member can contribute to. There’s some awesome, easy-to-use, free blog services you can use, like WordPress  or Blogster. With a blog in place, your family can stay up to date with each other on an environmentally friendly, regular basis throughout the year. And think about all the money everyone will save on stamps!

Now get your snowflake sweaters on, your eggnog in hand and join Uptown Studios in celebrating an even greener holiday season!


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