Not sure if design thinking focus groups are right for you? If you’re putting your heart and soul into your business, but your marketing is falling flat, you may need to reconsider. No one is hearing you. What makes you different from dozens of other businesses? Have you asked your audience? Maybe it’s time you listen!

The first step in developing marketing messages that people want to listen to is hearing what they need in a focus group. You probably can imagine most focus groups involve 8-12 key players who have opinions about your business. All of these people are important to listen to, but the most important person is the one that represents your audience.

There are several ways of testing concepts and strategies, but one of the most effective ways of creating empathy with your target audience is through design thinking focus groups or Human-Centered Design. Using design thinking, you have an opportunity to get in your audiences’ head, learn their buying habits, ask questions, and seek their opinions about your business.

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Design thinking focus groups are useful because they bring you fresh insights and in-depth information that’s targeted for the people you’re trying to reach. This information will give you a good idea of what marketing strategies will play well with the public and which ones will not. Through fun drawing games and wordplay activities in a Design thinking focus group, you will learn your audiences’ pain points and the underlying cause of them.

How does this help you? It makes you their superhero! If you listen to their problems, create empathy, and show that you have the solution to their problem through your marketing, the audience is more likely to embrace what you have to say. So, rather than have no one listening to your great business ideas, listen to your audience and let them help you become their hero.

The first step is a design thinking focus group. Let us get you a quote and help you listen.

Mackenzie McKinney
By Mackenzie McKinney