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Businesses and nonprofit organizations are creating videos to open hearts, minds and wallets. They can build their brand by creating a video that captures who they are and the passion behind what they do.

Great videos are emotionally engaging, creating a connection between the viewer that is personal. Joining in a hearty laugh, a warm hug or
sharing the joy of success. Evoking emotion can help drive people to take action.

When working on a video for a client, we have a discussion to talk about their vision, message and deadline. Depending on the scope of the project, we write scripts, hire actors, create graphics, select music, powder noses, direct, shoot and edit the final video.  It is one of the things I love about my job is when a client has approved their video and it goes out to the world for the first time.

All of an organization’s videos don’t have to be professional or complex. Most phones have a high-definition video camera and with the right app, you can upload it to your own free video channel.  Capture your staff at work, a happy client or a funny moment. You can post video clips directly to your social media channels and even live-stream events.

The power of video is available to everyone – what are you going to do with it?

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We completed a few projects for some pretty cool clients this week. First, we launched DDSO new site and it is so much easier to find them and get right to the page you need. See below the before and after shots of their site. We worked closely with Yvonne Soto, one great woman, changing the world.







Also, in full swing is the City of Sacramento Recycling and Solid Waste Division campaign that we have been working with them on for the past three months. Did you know that your trash and recycling pick up days will be changing? Take a look at the great little calendar we created for them.


know your recycle week


Whether it’s design, web, video, social media or print – Uptown Studios has the crew to help you!

Kate Moore
By Kate Moore
I love Sacramento and the team at Uptown Studios. I will often write about video production, marketing, social media and the great community we live in.