Yolo Family

It’s OK to ask for help

Yolo Family Service Agency provides affordable mental health care to individuals and families in Yolo County.

This is what Trisha Stanionis, Yolo Family Service Agency’s Executive Director, wants her community to know.

With accessible services in both English and Spanish at three locations, Yolo Family is there to help children, families, couples and individuals who need help coping with issues.

We are here to let people know that when they are going through a problem, they don’t have to go through it alone…Among Yolo Family’s many services, they provide much needed therapy programs for children throughout the community. Yolo Family does a lot with children and parents, providing all of the support systems they might need and helping with issues they are dealing with… – Stanionis

Yolo Family is involved in the community, always looking to work together to make Yolo’s families, individuals, couples and children healthier and happier.

While Yolo Family is helping to make a successful community, Uptown Studios has helped create a successful brand for them. Uptown Studios created their logo, and website and maintains their social media.

Along with their reputable services, Yolo Family also has unique programs helping to make the community thrive – the Incredible Years program and Universal Screenings.

Uptown Studios helped to rebrand us – they’re our creative partner. We really try to be part of the community to help people be successful. We provide accessible services and programs, and are here to support everyone’s mental health needs! – Stanionis

Check out all of Yolo Family Service Agency ‘s programs and services and see what they have to offer you and your family!

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