Social Media Marketing

You create the buzz using free tools provided by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Your ad dollars are moving from print media into digital, and you get to manage how your message goes out.

Each social media platform gives you the ability to connect with your very specific audience to create engagement and customer loyalty. Start sharing conversations, photos, videos and any web link, you get your message out with creative flair, and drive traffic to your website. Social media channels add relevance and authority to your website that increase your page ranking in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

More than 700 million users, your business can reach people who need your products or services. Facebook relies on real conversation between you and your customers. Provide information about the things you know best, share your ideas, ask questions, drive promotions. See our facebook page for some inspiration.

Facebook advertising has great filters to drill in and target your potential clients. Claim your Facebook places page and people can check-in to your business driving their friends your way.

The Twitter social media channel boasts 20 million users and is growing so quickly. Twitter offers a great resource to listen to what’s being said about your company and industry. With lists, and direct messaging and global search, you can easily have a conversation with people that in the past you had no access.

Real conversations, real connections and great networking are how you can grow your business. See how Uptown Studios manages their Twitter account.

Video is engaging, entertaining and people want to share interesting content. Create some promotional or fun videos and send out the links to your other social media channels. Subscribe to other channels, make comments, meet creative people who are in the same field.

There are annotations that help you drive your message home, and closed captioning options to spell out the audio. Nonprofit organizations get lots of extra benefits using YouTube – direct links, free advertising and analytics. If you are a nonprofit it is worth the time to get approved by YouTube.

Stay up to date on our wonderful YouTube videos and let us know what you think!

LinkedIn is perfect for business people wanting to network with others. Research your competitors, find job opportunities and keep up on local business news. Great to join groups for every type of business. Jump in on the conversation and share your knowledge. Establish your company as a leader in your field. See our Uptown Studios LinkedIn profile and say hi!

When you are ready and if all this sounds daunting to you, call and schedule an in-house training for you and your team.
All of these platforms change and grow weekly with new features – Uptown Studios is staying up on changes so you don’t have to.

Kate Moore
By Kate Moore
I love Sacramento and the team at Uptown Studios. I will often write about video production, marketing, social media and the great community we live in.