If it is not Easy, Fun and Popular then you need to look at what you are trying to sell.

In marketing, if you are selling a product or a healthy lifestyle – understanding that people are not going to purchase or adopt any change if they cannot see themselves in the mix, whatever that mix is. Our job as the movers and shakers and opinion makers is to make sure that what we are pushing out there to the general public gets noticed.

So here are 3 easy steps towards more fun and popularity!

Easy, Fun and Popular – never cheap!
1. Does your message say You can DO this! If it does than move to step 2. Ask a trusted friend to pick up the piece that you have created or click on the website or view your new item, and they don’t GET IT, then you need to go back and rework your marketing piece. You need to listen to the people that are honest with you and then do something about the issues they had with your marketing piece.

2. If you are not a paid design professional, then keep it as simple as possible, use only ONE font, use all CAPS sparingly, and keep to the colors in your logo or brand. Don’t use cheap clip art that comes with Microsoft Word, you want to look professional.

3. Is there a Call to Action – If you have created a video that is eight minutes long and you load it onto your YouTube page – guess what… People will click off at about 45 seconds to a minute, and they may never make it to your call to action. If you create a brochure with lots of text, your target audience may never open the thing. So get to the point!

Keep it short and sweet and get the call to action in there early and close with it again.

We recently created a short video for Sunrise Recreation and Parks YouTube pagePet-A-Palooza event – take a look – short and sweet and oh, so fun!

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