Communication has changed. Using Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, we all have the opportunity to promote your nonprofit or using these free communication tools.

Currently there are 600 million people on Facebook. 145 million on Twitter. And millions of videos on YouTube. People are using social media platforms to promote things that are important to them. Help them promote your organization and mission.

Your voice should be authentic and social. Engage with organizations you align with and individuals you seek out. Find your sponsors, people you would love to talk to, leaders in your field. Have some fun. Build your network and nurture relationships.

As with any relationship, this is one that grows with time and as people get to know what your mission is, the more they will be there to support you and suggest that their friends should support you too.

Your time is your investement. You must be willing to invest in the resources to reach this new audience. You can do it with a minimum of 3 hours a week from a staff member or intern or you can dedicate an full time employee to manage all promotional outreach. It’s up to you, but you have to make at least the minimum hours to achieve your goals.

Social media platforms are a tool that If used correctly, will draw attention, volunteers and contributors.

I believe that most people want to make a difference in this world and will share what they care about with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Help others embrace and champion your cause.

With media savvy Baby Boomers coming into their retirement years and the youth of today growing up with the internet, there are volunteers to be recruited, money to be raised and a world to change.

Local Housing and Homeless Nonprofits Using Social Media

The importance of websites

• Content

• Call to action

• Recruiting Volunteers

• Integration of Social Media

• Drive people to your site

• Blogs & Facebook alone

Social Media Platforms – Benefits of Each:

• Facebook Friendly – Social Interaction – Events – Discussions – Groups – New Facebook Pages – Importance of photos – Ask for What You Want

• Twittertastic – Find followers and influencers – Linking – Targeting with Hash Tags – Lists – How Often to Post – New Twitter Pages

• YouTube Loves Nonprofits – Compelling content – Drive People where you want them to go – Most Viral

• Hootsuite – Scheduling and time management

Kate Moore
By Kate Moore
I love Sacramento and the team at Uptown Studios. I will often write about video production, marketing, social media and the great community we live in.