an image of Tina ReynoldsHere are some things that I have discovered are up and coming or returning to old school, in the design world that you may find interesting:

  1. Real women – if you have a project that is targeting women, make sure you are capturing “real” women from the age group that you are looking to serve. When I say “real” it is to capture women in the shape they are, the size and age that they are and with “real” smiles!
    an image of 5 real life women
  2. Storytelling – we are in the time of stories for our marketing tales. Find the real story, the real people and you can capture the attention of your target audience. Here is a short story about me – Tina Reynolds:
    an image of a story about Tina Reynolds
  3. Not something I am used to yet – but BEARDS… – Yes, the full grown facial brush is so popular and will stay that way for a while. Just know that you may be dating your print piece if you use a bearded person, it is one of the indicators of the time you printed the piece. Like glasses, you can outdate your printed piece by using really styled glasses on your models. (Can I say Sally Jesse Raphael and her red glasses)
    an image of President Abraham Lincoln with a beard
  4. Multi racial and ethnic models – show our community as we really are – again we are in an age of using “real” people
    an image of an interracial family
  5. Illustrations that show that they were done by hand – its the way you let the target audience know, a real artist was involved in this process.
    an illustration of the Uptown Studios logo
  6. Sports and athletes – it is the Olympic year – get your brochures moving.
    an image of the Sochi Olympics logo
Tina Reynolds
By Tina Reynolds

Tina Reynolds is president of Uptown Studios, Inc. is a storyteller about the things that have crossed her path and writes blogs about running a fabulous creative business, and the challenges and the gifts.