Is it time for a logo redesign? Your logo is a visual spokesmodel of your business. When people see your logo on your website, business card, or marketing collateral; it needs to be memorable and make people want to know more about you. If your logo does not effectively communicate your core brand values to your target market – you may be missing out on potential customers.

Modifying or updating a brand is commonplace in todays market. Consumers are more advertising savvy than ever before and understand that companies and brands grow, morph and diversify for the better of the marketplace. Product or service loyalty doesn’t go away if the product or service is top notch even if the brand look changes a bit over time.

Here are three indicators that you may be in the market for a logo redesign.

1. The My cousin’s friend is a design student Logo

Hold on, easy tiger, no one is knocking design students here. When you first launched your business, you might have been a little strapped for cash. So maybe you have your friend’s relative design a quick logo to save money. Some years have passed and you now have a design and marketing budget. This is a great time to consult with a branding firm that will do a complete assessment and rebrand or maybe just update a logo you already have.

Consumers understand that the world is constantly changing and improving, and your new professionally designed logo will show your customers you are continuing to advance and improve each day.

2. Your Logo No Longer Represents Your Business

When you started the company, you sold treadmills and your logo was the perfect fit. Over time, you expand to sell other indoor workout equipment and rock climbing walls. Now that your company has diversified, your logo no longer clearly represents what your business is doing today.

A side by side before and after comparison of logos that have undergone a redesign

3. Your Logo Does Not Work Well In Today’s Modern Media

If you have been in business for some years, chances are your logo was designed to look great on printed materials. Your logo may have looked perfect at first, but now in the context of social media and online marketing – it does not work effectively. Chances are the old logo is not designed for use across multiple platforms – it simply does not work when used in online media.

It might be time for a logo redesign to develop a solution customized for use on social media platforms and across other marketing channels – one that works equally well both in print and online.

If you have answered YES to one or more of the questions above, you are probably ready for a logo redesign. Uptown Studios is here to work with you to create a powerful new logo, or give new life to an existing one. We are here to make you look fabulous!

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