“A brand is the set of expectations, memories,
stories and relationships that, taken together,
account for a consumer’s decision to choose
one product or service over another.”
– Seth Godin

In business, your brand is everything and a strong brand is rewarded with loyal customers who help promote your product or service.

Write your mission statement. This should include why you are passionate about your product or service. Create some short tag lines that simplify this statement for use in print and digital materials.

Think about what the voice of your business will have. Use the words and attitude that represent your mission in social media posts, and both digital and print and materials. Easy, fun and popular works for US.

Have a professional design your logo. Your logo is the number one way people recognize your brand so take the time and spend the money to make it just right. Look at other logos you like and share your vision with your designer. It is always good to select three to five colors, and both a serif and sans serif font family to work with.

Ask your designer to create a style guide with the color palette and fonts that will be used in all business collateral. Keep the style guide available to reference anytime you are creating a print or digital element for your business and use it.

Create all your business collateral materials, business cards, forms, social media channels, brochures etc. with a consistent look and feel.

Be consistent. People grow to trust a brand and are more likely to recommend a business that is consistent in its message and visual imagery.


The power of a great brand identity is in the details. Maintaining fonts, colors and logo integrity is imperative to your success.

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