Numbers speak. When you look at your numbers from last quarter, do you want to shake it up a little? If you are thinking of refreshing your organization’s image with a new logo, modernizing your brand image, or updating/launching a new website, then now is a great time to review your branding and look for new marketing opportunities.

Sometimes, a marketing review takes the shape of a brainstorming session to identify how to use current tools like social media and search marketing to reach the mobile tech-savvy generation. At Uptown Studios, we take a Human-Centered Design approach to better understanding you, your audiences and how to best address their needs. Often times, before you look at your marketing, you should take a closer look at your branding.

Review Your Brand

If you thought of your brand as a person, who would it be? Having a clearly defined brand image is essential to long-term success. Brand development begins with establishing your objectives to ensure that your brand strategy will produce desired results and can be evaluated. Defining objectives is about understanding your passion and vision for your organization. This is an opportunity to use Human-Centered Design to discover, define and develop your brand.

Human-Centered Design Is Fun!
We use fun, hands-on activities to discover insights and creative branding, marketing and design solutions. This process helps to identify and understand your key audiences. By defining their perspective, we better understand how they feel about YOU so we can create solutions that fit all needs.

Inspiration – We learn from the people we are designing for and begin to understand their needs

Ideation – We make sense of what we have learned and identify opportunities for creative solutions

Implementation – We bring these solutions to life for your audience

Become Your Brand

Be Valuable
It’s important to be able to define ways in which your organization is unique AND valuable to your clients. Communicating these unique benefits in a way that’s easy to remember and clearly understandable. It helps to increase your perceived value and can help to create loyal customers who will choose your product or service over your competition.

Stand Out
Differentiate from your competition. Examine your competitors carefully and look for the key selling points and the basic “promises” they make. Decide what differentiates your company, product or service. What “promise” does your brand make. We can help you be innovative and stand out.

Drive Your Message Home
Your core message should consist of a single idea which will become the focus of all your creative communications. Your marketing tools should revolve around this central message and theme.

Keep Your Promise
Getting to your brand message was the fun part. Now, put all that work into effect by living up to your brand promises. People will notice.

We make you look good
Let our team of experienced graphic designers, website designers, social media managers and Google specialists look at your logo, website and brand image to help you look amazing wherever you are! See our branding work here.

We specialize in brand development. If you are ready to better understand your brand image and how to market to your audience, give us a call to create or update your branding today!

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