It really has been a great year for Uptown Studios. New clients, challenging projects and successfully creating change with all things that crossed our desks. Everyone has a favorite project or event that was their favorite so almost the whole team participated in this blog post…

Tina Reynolds

I have loved being a part of our training crew and going out to train nonprofits and businesses on Social Media, marketing and website development. We always get such positive response and it leaves me feeling like we have given such service to our community. It is the best!
My favorite project in 2014 has been working on several large branding projects. Working with the boards of directors and developing really great strategies and plans for the future. There is something really wonderful about starting with a group at the beginning of a process then seeing it to fruition. We have made some great projects event more fantastic in 2014. Now, did you notice the way I didn’t name my favorite – it is like with my children and grandchildren – they are all my favorites!

Kate Moore

I have a few favorite projects I’ve worked on in 2014 that were my favorites: The Firefighter’s Burn Institute Youth Firesetter prevention video was lots of fun to work on. Firefighters, actors, a burning building and our great video team made it an effective and useful tool for fire prevention education.
Summer Night Lights Sacramento Startup Grind Listed As Our Favorite Projects In 2014

The video we created to promote the the Mack Road Partnership’s Summer Night Lights events highlighted all the good that the program did for the South Sacramento/Valley Hi community during it’s first year. It is an inspiration to see the effect this program had on crime rates and community unity.

Also, videotaping the Google Entrepreneur Startup Grind events at the Urban Hive each month was a task I looked forward to each month. It is a joy to work on with Rich Foreman of Apptology and I learned from each and every speaker on what turns a great idea into a successful business.

Leidhra Johnson

Wow! What a great year 2014 has been! From helping several great organizations build their brand presence, to leading great social media and marketing trainings for nonprofits and small businesses – I am very proud of the work we did this year. In 2015, you can expect us to grow even more as a full service branding and marketing firm. We are expanding our marketing services and look forward to helping you build awareness of your brand.
AND…. drum roll please… I am very proud to announce that I have recently become the Marketing Director at Uptown Studios! I look forward to learning and growing even more in 2015 and working closely with clients and our team to make sure our clients’ marketing content and channels fit within their strategy and are always high quality, up-to-date and consistent!

Tania Torres

Family! My favorite thing about 2014 is that my family circle expanded to include all the Uptown Studios staff, clients and community. If you haven’t stopped by our office, you should! You will see that we are a big family and that we embrace everyone who comes through the doors.
I started at Uptown Studios in March and believe that the best thing about working here is that most of our clients are nonprofits and local businesses. We work to help make things better for others and every project is done with love and dedication. It is more than a job for us – it is about the people.
About A Bite Bakery Call Or Order Online Branded With Purple Background And Chocolates To The Left Side
A great example is the work we did with About a Bite Bakery. Started by Jennifer Kaye, this local business makes some of the most delicious treats I’ve ever had! Whenever Jennifer comes by the office she just brightens our day. I’ve loved that we’ve been a part of helping expand and promote her business. I want everyone to know about her and everyone of our clients as they are some of the best people I know!

Sarah Barkawi

One of my favorite projects of 2014 is the ongoing work we do for the City of Sacramento Recycling and Solid Waste Division. This project has many different moving parts and micro campaigns within the bigger campaign. It has been so fun to witness the success of this project and to visually see our work out in the community. Call 311 For Info Graphic With Recycle Leaf And Array On Top As Our Favorite Projects From 2014

Luke Miller

My favorite part of 2014 was getting the opportunity to join the fantastic Uptown Studios family and get the opportunity to work on such a wide variety of projects and with so many awesome clients. In particular, I’ve really loved taking on the challenge of managing our Google AdWords clients’ campaigns and making them even more effective. Getting AdWords certified and increasing ad performance for some clients by over 100% since I started has been a point of personal pride.

Kristen Stauss

My favorite project of this year was The Mulvaney’s Building & Loan/McDonalds benefit dinner invite.
It had many custom pieces that paired with McDonald’s French fry and cookie sleeves all packaged together in a hand stamped mailing envelope. It was such a fun project because one piece was die-cut to look like an order of fries and placed into the fry sleeve. Coordinating the art work and having the die made was a process I enjoy. Along with hearing back from the invitees how much they enjoyed receiving such a creative and engaging invite.
You're Invited To Join McDonalds And Mulvaney's B&L Brochure

Kate Moore
By Kate Moore
I love Sacramento and the team at Uptown Studios. I will often write about video production, marketing, social media and the great community we live in.